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AM80SX Low 12v

AM80SX Low tone horn
AM80SX Low 12v

The standard high tone car horn for 12v vehicles. Although "standard", it sounds far better than a set of disc horns. This is why it's installed in almost all premium European cars.

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AM80SX Low 12v

The quality low tone horn by FIAMM.
This model is used in almost all European car brands such as BMW, Audi, FIAT, Citroen, but also Ferrari's are standard delivered with this set of horns.

This electromagnetic horn is the universal type with regular (two pole) connectors.
Basic Technical Info
Voltage 12Vdc
Ampere 4,5A
Decibels at 2m 110dB
Frequency High tone: 405 Hz
Weight 190 gr.
Type approval Reg. 28 / Reg. 10 ECE
HS Code 85123090
Available Mastercartons - 9 units