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Truck Power TA150 TA 180 Set
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The standard high- and low tone car horn set for 12v vehicles. Although "standard", it sounds far better than a set of disc horns. This is why it's installed in almost all premium European cars.

AM80SX High-Low 12v Delivery time: 2-5 Work days

Small size disc horn set. Developped by FIAMM for 12Vdc vehicles such as scooters, motorcycles and small cars. Includes high- and low tone electromagnetic horn.

FIAMM HK7 Disc Horns 12v Delivery time: 2-5 Work days

The Fiamm Truck Power combination. A double tone truck horn set for mounting on the exterior of the cab. Set includes the FIAMM TA/180 high tone- and TA/150 low tone air horns.

FIAMM TA180 - TA150 Set Delivery time: 2-5 Work days

The FIAMM Tourhorn High Tone Tripple toned air horn, with a higher pitched tone for more urgency. Used in the cars used by professional cycling teams.

Fiamm Tour Horn High Delivery time: 2-5 Work days

FIAMM Pneumatic Priority Siren for international priority vehicles. Universal sound high-Low sound for all emergency services. Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade.

International | Emergency 12v Delivery time: 2-5 Work days

Specialized in acoustic FIAMM aftermarket products

15 years experience 15 years of experience in air horns
World Wide Shipping Horns delivered with FedEx and DPD
Air horns from stock Fiamm shipped within 24 hours


We are all about acoustic signalling.

For over more then 15 years we have specialized ourselves in the acoustic products by FIAMM Italy.
Our close relationship with the company and factory in Italy has resulted in working as a premium reseller for aftermarket products.
We know allmost all there is to know about their truck horns, car horns, sirens, marine horns, and other acoustic devices.
We sell the FIAMM product because we believe they produce a quality product that does what it is supposed to do. Signal, or plain spoken make noise.
We maintain our own stock and dispatch within 24 hours when products are availlable in our warehouse.