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Netherlands | Emergency

Pneumatic emergency Siren
Netherlands | Emergency

FIAMM Pneumatic Priority Siren for Dutch priority vehicles. Universal sound high-Low sound for all emergency services. Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade.

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€ 382,00
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MC4-FD-12V / TA/4-NL-C+SPOILER (921116-920647)

Universal Pneumatic Priority Siren for Dutch  priority vehicles.

Complete set consists of an air compressor and air horns. Also availlable without air horns.

Basic Technical Info
Voltage 12Vdc
Ampere 17
Decibels at 2m
Air Horn option:
TA/4 NL-C + snow caps: 117 dB
375 - 400 Hz
485 - 500 Hz
compressor: 1200 gr.
lubricator: 247 gr.
air horns: 1600 gr.
Type Approval ECE Reg. 10
Product Codes Compressor: 921116
Air horns: 920647