FIAMM VEGA DUAL Electronic boat horn
Marine Horn Vega DUAL

Fiamm 12v electromagnetic double tone shipping horn for mounting on deck, or roof of small- and medium size boats, or other marine vessels.

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€ 175,00
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Marine Horn VEGA DUAL (920335 12v - 920993 24v)

An electromagnetic shipping horn set with the looks of an air horn. Easy to install without any air source needed. This set is a combination of the high- and low tone VEGA horns.
The Vega DUAL shipping horn can be installed on deck, or roof of your boat.

Please note: You will need a 12v, or 24v power supply (battery) on board for this horn.

Basic Technical Info
Voltage 12Vdc
Ampere at 12Vdc: 12A
at 24Vdc: 6A
Decibels at 2m 120dB
Frequency Low tone: 310 Hz
High tone: 370 Hz
Measurements length 475 mm / Ø 94 mm
Weight 1240 gr.
Product Code 920335 (12Vdc)
920993 (24Vdc)