VEGA 18 Marine Horn by Fiamm
Marine Horn Vega 18

Fiamm 12v electromagnetic shipping horn for mounting on deck, or roof of small- and medium size boats, or other marine vessels.

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Marine Horn VEGA 1 (920334)

An electromagnetic shipping horn with the looks of an air horn. Easy to install without any air source needed.
The Vega 18 shipping horn can be installed on deck, or roof of your boat.

Please note: You will need a 12v power supply (battery) on board for this horn.

Basic Technical Info
Voltage 12Vdc
Ampere 6A
Decibels at 2m 117dB
Frequency Low tone: 310 Hz
Measurements length 475 mm / Ø 94 mm
Weight 655 gr.
Product Code 920334